Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hints can be found on the event's facebook page!

From RELoad Bags! The winner's bag!

As some of you know, I am throwing an alleycat on Saturday benefiting several pitbull advocate groups.

RELoad bags in Philly has sponsored almost every race I have put on. This my tenth or eleventh event.

Courier bags are everywhere these days, but the truly custom artisan crafted are far and few in between.

Here is one such bag! Presenting the winner's bag for The " I Gotta See A Man About A Dog" Alleycat!!!

Thank you Roland! Thank you Gerik! Thank you RELoad! You guys are fricking AMAZING!

Free Beer!

Of course one of my races would not complete without a keg of beer plus a sweet vegetarian spread!

Come out to the park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and enjoy the festivities!

Raffle Prize from Banjo Bros!!!

Very psyched to have a brand new sponsor on board! Mark and the nice people at Banjo Brothers liked the idea of our race and threw in one of their LARGE courier bags to raffle off and try to get more cheddar donated for the dogs!

Thank you Mike and Banjo Brothers!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hint. Hint.

The photo checkpoints do not need to be completed in order, as opposed to the regular checkpoints.

One of the photo checkpoints is: The FDR Memorial!

Have someone take a picture of you standing next to the statue of FDR and his terrier, Fala!

You must show the photos when you arrive at the finish line to the person receiving your manifest!

The course is complete!

The course is complete. If you don't do the photo checkpoints, the course is 20 miles. The photo checkpoints will add a few miles to that.